Custom Framing Services In Las Vegas

Elite Art & Framing offers many custom framing services to present, protect and preserve your photographs and artwork. Serving Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Summerlin, and the entire Southern Nevada area, we offer unique and creative picture framing designs to showcase and preserve your memories and heirlooms. When you frame with us, you know that your project is going to be beautifully designed and impeccably crafted. We understand how important and valuable your treasures are, and we handle your items with care and respect. Call us or stop by our showroom today for more information on our full line of services.

We can frame it all!

  • Music Memorabilia
  • 3D Shadow Boxes
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Posters & Prints
  • Family Portraits
  • Photo Collages
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Heirlooms & Keepsakes
  • Medals & Awards
  • Diplomas & Documents
  • Watercolors & Oil Painting
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Fabrics & Apparel
  • Vacation Souvenirs
  • Hand-Wrapped Mats
  • Children’s Art
  • Sports Equipment
  • Dry-Mounting

The Frame Design Process

Our skilled designers will guide you through the frame design process, helping you choose the materials that best enhance your artwork and your decor. We believe that the goal of great framing design is to focus attention on the image. The design process is most effective when it is a collaborative effort and we are happy to explain not only what we recommend, but why we recommend it. Quotes are given cheerfully on the spot, and you are welcome to take samples home. Consultation is also available for both residential and commercial clients.

Impressive Selection

With over three thousand frame corner samples and mat choices, we can create the perfect framing design. Whether it is your child’s first finger painting, or your Masters Degree from Harvard Business School, we have the right frame for the job! Choose from thousands of fabrics like linens, suedes, and raw silks to cover mats and liners and hundreds of fillets to add the finishing touch to your masterpiece. We offer competitive prices with quick turnaround and available delivery and installation.

Quality Craftsmanship

Elite Art & Framing follows proper preservation practices to ensure that your project can be displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime. Our hard-working staff has years of hands-on framing & design experience. We use a state of the art computerized mat cutter to meet the most demanding standards. We don’t settle for ‘good-enough’ – our quality is the best.

Gallery Services

We’re happy to help you with your custom framing and fine art needs.

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Contract Picture Framing & Trade Services

Elite Art is a full-service company providing art, framing and printing services for all your project needs. We specialize in residential, corporate, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, restaurants and interior design projects. Through our broad network with the art and design communities, our years of experience with certified picture framing, art consultation, and interior design, we develop individual art programs that enhance and support your design concepts. By integrating the art with the interior design and architecture of your project, we help you to create visually inspiring and innovative environments for your clients.

  • ◦Art consulting
  • ◦Budget Development
  • ◦Art selection from all media
  • ◦Creative art solutions
  • ◦Art placement through working drawings and art plans
  • ◦Procurement & Installation

Custom Picture Framing For Any Size Customer

Elite Art provides high-quality craftsmanship, prompt completion, and affordable pricing to customers of all sizes

Residential – Our homes can be places of refuge, relaxation, creativity or celebration, but ultimately, they are havens for self-expression. Whether you and your family are looking for a warm and inviting ambiance, a cool and tranquil retreat, or a bold and invigorating area, the artwork you select can have a significant effect on your space. Elite Art has a large selection of styles and mediums guaranteed to suit a variety of spaces and budgets.

We handle each project from start to finish – including residential delivery and installation. Our team will come to your residence and hang each piece with precision and care

Corporate – Your office is a reflection of your companies personality, style, and success. The artwork and documents that surround not only set an atmosphere, but show guests who you are, and what you do. Elite Art’s corporate consulting services are perfectly suited for projects as small as a single piece of art for your personal office, or projects as large as an entire office building. Our team will work with your company to understand the corporate personality and environment, then select artwork intended to make the greatest overall impact on your employees and clients.

Commercial – From individual custom pieces to large-scale commercial contract projects, Elite Art’s unique designs are created to set the desired setting for any work environment with lasting, archival quality framing.

Health Care – Framed artwork in healthcare lobbies, offices, and patient rooms is delightful for your patients. Growing bodies of research have shown that decorating healthcare institutions with specific types of framed artwork can make patients feel calm and comfortable. We understanding that selecting just the right framed artwork to meet this goal can be rather challenging. That’s why it’s our pleasure to assist in selecting the proper artwork and guide you through the entire process.

Hospitality/Hotel – When it comes to contract picture framing for hospitality, we’re your one-stop frame shop. Selecting the proper framed artwork and mirror package for a new hotel or re-model project can be rather challenging. That’s why it’s our pleasure to guide you through the entire process.

Restaurants – Dining in a restaurant is more than just the food. It’s an experience that is created through the layout, décor, and pictures hanging on the wall. Often, the artwork and memorabilia that surrounds the room themes the restaurant and makes a good conversation piece.

When it comes to decorating a restaurant or bar with framed art and memorabilia we’re your one-stop frame shop. Selecting the proper framed artwork and memorabilia for a new or existing restaurant can be rather challenging. Hanging the artwork in the proper places can be even more challenging. That’s why it’s our pleasure to guide you through the entire process.

Interior Design Services – With over 30 years in the industry, Elite Art is delighted to assist interior designers and industry professionals in selecting artwork for projects of any size or budget. From original paintings and sculpture to economically priced fine art prints, we can help you achieve the perfectly inspired space for your clients. Elite Art is committed to creating a collaborative and fulfilling experience, providing you and your clients the best in artwork and framing.

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